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Incoming Recruit Information

The primary mission of the Basic Training Branch is providing the foundation for new law enforcement officers.  The twenty-two week academy is an intense learning experience for each student.  Using adult-learning concepts, the DOCJT provides the foundation for success for an entry-level law enforcement officer. 

Law Enforcement Basic Training involves many areas of training in a residential setting.  The 928-hour curriculum is a mentally and physically demanding challenge.  Using a multi-faceted approach, recruits receive instruction in law enforcement in a disciplined environment stressing the Basic Training Creed.  

Basic Law Enforcement Training is conducted year-round, with the exception of select weeks.  The select weeks when Law Enforcement Basic Training is not conducted is referred to as “down weeks.”  Over ten classes begin training each year; generally speaking, classes arrive at four-week intervals.  With the rotation of starting classes and graduations, there are four to five Law Enforcement Basic Training classes at various intervals of training at any time with the exception of down weeks. 

For further information concerning the Law Enforcement Basic Training schedule, use the links below:

Candidates must be hired by a law enforcement agency in order to attend training. Additional eligibility requirements for attendance in the Basic Law Enforcement Academy course are set by the Peace Officers Professional Standards and the Kentucky Law Enforcement Council.

Forms for qualified applicants to register for the DOCJT Law Enforcement Basic Academy course are as follows:

Agency Confirmation: within 90 days of course start date
Form 45: Medical Examination Form within 120 days of course start date
Form 29-1: Agency Request for Training within 30 days of course start date
Form F: Status Update within 30 days of course start date
Form D: All Standards Met within 30 days of course start date
Click Here for KLEC Forms

Upon confirmed enrollment, questions may arise as to what is expected from recruits.  In order to adequately prepare for the academy, the information below provides guidance on many areas of academy life.  Access information concerning select areas through the links below:

Academy Life
Graduation Requirements
Conduct Requirements
Basic Training Creed, Honor Code and Expectations
Map to DOCJT Training Facilities
Arriving at the Academy  
Instructional Techniques
Residence Hall Living
Mailing Address
Physical Fitness Entry and Exit Tests


Items to Bring
Recruit Equipment


Equipment and Weapons









January 31, 2019