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Fran Root, Executive Director
Kentucky Law Enforcement Council
521 Lancaster Ave
Funderburk Building, EKU

Richmond, KY 40475-3102
PHONE: (859) 622-6218
FAX: (859) 622-5943


Keith Cain
Keith Cain, Chair


2019 KLEC Meeting Dates:

The next KLEC Meeting has been changed to Wednesday, February 20-21, 2019 and will be held at the Drury Inn & Suites in Louisville!!  The address is 9597 Brownsboro Road Louisville, KY  40241.  Meeting will begin at 1:30 and the Curriculum, Instructor Certification and Professional Standards Committee Meetings will begin at 2:00 on day one.  The Full Council will meet on day two at 9:00 a.m.



Kentucky Law Enforcement Council
The Kentucky Law Enforcement Council is an independent administrative body of state government consisting of the following ex officio members, or their designee:  Attorney General of Kentucky, the commissioner of the Department of Kentucky State Police, the commissioner of the Department of Criminal Justice Training, the chief of police of the Louisville Metro Police Department, the chief of police of the Lexington-Fayette Urban County Division of Police, the director of the Southern Police Institute of the University of Louisville, the dean of the College of Justice and Safety of Eastern Kentucky university, the president of the Kentucky Peace Officers Association, the president of the Kentucky Association of Chiefs of Police, the Kentucky president of the Fraternal Order of Police, and the president of the Kentucky Sheriffs’ .  The United States attorneys for the Eastern and Western Districts of Kentucky may confer and designate a local law enforcement liaison who shall serve on the council in an advisory capacity only without voting privileges. 

Twelve members are appointed by the Governor for terms of four years from the following classifications:  Three Kentucky sheriffs, a member of the Kentucky State Bar Association, five chiefs of police and a citizen of Kentucky not coming within the foregoing classifications.

Kentucky Law Enforcement Council Committee Assignments:

Executive Committee


Certification Committee


  Chief 07/01/16 - 07/01/19
Sherry Walters   08/16/18 – 07/01/22
Joseph S. Cline KACP Ex-Officio
Allen Love US Attorney Ex-Officio

John Coyle

Judge Executive 11/04/10 - 07/01/19
Shane Doyle   08/16/18 – 07/01/22   
William Nowlin KPOA Ex-Officio
Charles Dills Sheriff 09/01/16 – 07/01/18

Curriculum Committee    
Patrick Boggs KSA Ex-Officio
Bridget Thomerson Louisville Metro Training Academy Ex-Officio
Richard Sanders   Ex-Officio
Art Ealum Chief 07/01/16 – 07/01/20
William Sullivan EKU Ex-Officio
Alex Payne DOCJT Ex-Officio
Roger Holland Lexington Training Academy Ex-Officio
Cindy Shain SPI Ex-Officio

Professional Standards Committee    
Mike Ward Chief 08/12/04 - 07/01/19
Keith Cain Sheriff 05/09/01- 07/01/18
Demetrius Holloway Lawyer 11/01/15 - 07/01/19
Dick Doty Mayor 11/01/15 - 07/01/19
  KSP Ex-Officio
Berl Perdue, Jr FOP Ex-Officio
Spike Jones Chief 07/01/16 - 07/01/19
John Moberly US Attorney Ex-Officio
Mike Bosse Chief 07/01/16 – 07/01/20

Functions and Powers of the Council

  • Prescribe standards for law enforcement and telecommunications training academies.
  • Prescribe mandatory qualifications for law enforcement training instructors.
  • Prescribe qualifications for attendance and conditions for expulsion from those academies.
  • Prescribe mandatory standards for the Career Development Program.
  • Approve, issue, and revoke for cause certificates to such academies and instructors.
  • To approve law enforcement officers, telecommunicators and court security officers for certification.
  • To inspect and evaluate academies and other training providers at any time.
  • To promulgate reasonable rules and administrative regulations in accordance with KRS Chapter 13A to accomplish the purposes of KRS 15.310 to 15.404.
  • To monitor the Law Enforcement Foundation Program.
  • To adopt bylaws for the conduct of its business not otherwise provided by law.
  • To certify peace officers as set out in Chapter 15.

Peace Officer Professional Standards and Court Security Officer Standards

  • Is a citizen of the United States;
  • Is at least 21 years of age;
  • Is a high school graduate or has successfully completed a General Education Development (G.E.D.) examination;
  • Possess a valid license to operate a motor vehicle;
  • Has been fingerprinted for a criminal background check;
  • Has not been convicted of a felony;
  • Is not prohibited by federal or state law from possessing a firearm;
  • Has been interviewed;
  • Has undergone a background investigation;
  • Has taken a polygraph examination;
  • Has taken a suitability screener;
  • Has passed a drug screening test;
  • Discharged under honorable conditions, if having served in the armed services;
  • Has received and read the Kentucky law Enforcement Officer’s Code of Ethics;

Peace Officer Applicants only must also meet the remaining mandatory standards:

  • Has passed a medical examination;
  • Has passed a physical ability test;
  • Has not had certification as a peace officer revoked in another state.

Telecommunicator Professional Standards

  • Is a citizen of the United States;
  • Is at least 18 years of age;
  • Is a high school graduate or has received a General Equivalency Diploma (G.E.D.);
  • Has not been convicted of a felony or other crimes involving moral turpitude;
  • Has passed a drug screening test;
  • Has taken a suitability screener;
  • Has taken a polygraph examination;
  • Has submitted fingerprints to the KSP and the FBI for a criminal history check.

Out of State Basic Training
The Kentucky Law Enforcement Council can review an officer’s law enforcement basic training from another state for reciprocity.  An officer or agency must submit by fax, e-mail or mail the following information for consideration:

  • A transcript of the topics and hours of the basic course taken including hours per class and total number of hours completed;
  • A copy of the graduation certificate;
  • Proof that the officer has worked at least one year as a full time peace officer in the same state as the LEN training academy from which he graduated.

The Executive Director shall verify that the officer has successfully completed a basic training course that was certified or approved by the peace officer standards and training council in the state where it was taken.  The basic training must meet or exceed the approved basic training that was taught in Kentucky for the same year it was completed out of state.
If the basic training is approved graduation was after December 1, 1998, the applicant must meet all 17 Peace Officer Professional Standards, including the physical agility, suitability screener, polygraph and drug screen, prior to being hired.

Career Development Program
The Kentucky Law Enforcement Council is also responsible for the Career Development Program.  The program is open to full time law enforcement officers/telecommunicators, and provides structure to the training process through career tracking.  The program will acknowledge and reward officers and telecommunicators whose training and academic efforts are aligned with career objectives.


Form A Testing Registration Form H-1 Background Investigation
Form C Grandfather Information Form I-2 Polygraph Questionnaire
Form D All Standards Met Form L-1 Code of Ethics
Form D1-Inactive to Active Status Form L-2 Canon of Ethics
Form 68-1 Training Credit  
Form 68-2 College Training Credit  
Form 68-3 Marksmanship Training Credit

  Form T-1 Medical Release
Form F Status Update Form T-1a Physician’s Medical Release
Form G-1 Medical Examination Report  
Form G-2 Medical History Statement  
Form G-3 Medical Guidelines Physical Testing Book (Standard Format)
Form Q Agency Submission Form Physical Testing Book Order Form
Form Q3 Drug Screening  
Form Q4 Polygraph Approval  
Form Q5 Psychological Exam TPS Checklist
Form tele-Q  
  POPS Checklist
  CCS Checklist
2019 Testing Schedule KLEC Agency Update
2018 Testing Schedule  
  KLEC Hiring Process

Special Law Enforcement Officers (SLEO)  

SLEO-1 New Application OR SLEO-5 Renewal Application
SLEO-2 Authority to Release
SLEO-3 Letter of Intent
SLEO-4 Acknowledgement Form

Special Local Peace Officer (SLPO)


SLPO-1 New Application OR SLPO-7 Renewal Application
SLPO-3 Letter of Intent
SLPO-4 Authority to Release
SLPO-5 Acknowledgement Form

Instructor Certification Forms




Curriculum Development Forms
Form 31 Curriculum Development Form  







January 15, 2019