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Switchboard Operator


Commissioner's Office Mark Filburn, Commissioner 859-622-6165
Deputy Commissioner's Office John McGuire, Deputy Commissioner 859-622-6165
General Counsel Office Deaidra Douglas, Staff Attorney Manager 859-622-8229
  Frank Kubala, Special Assistant 859-622-6165
  Phillip Crumpton, Special Assistant 502-429-7482

Staff Services Planning
Communications Section

Edliniae Sweat, Staff Assistant

Administrative Division  
Director's Office Kevin Rader, Assistant Director 859-622-3454
Personnel Section   859-622-8143
Fiscal Manager
Ken Smith, Fiscal Manager 859-622-2300
KLEFPF Section 859-622-2224
Accounting Section 859-622-3077

Supply Branch 859-622-8120
Supply Section 859-622-5064
Facilities Section 859-622-3706
Technical Services Section Eric Garner, Administrative Supervisor 859-622-6849

Information Systems Branch 859-622-8052

Kentucky Law Enforcement Council 859-622-8565
Director's Office Fran Root, Executive Director 859-622-8075
Support and Records Section
Melissa Beck, Administrative Supervisor 859-622-8856
Testing Services Section
Mike Beck, Administrative Supervisor 859-622-5939
Compliance & Monitoring Section 859-622-8567

Training Operations Division    
Director's Office Oakie Greer, Training Operations Director 859-622-2221
Administrative Branch   859-622-2303
Legal Section Doug Barnett, Training Section Supervisor 859-622-2214
Instructional Design Section   859-622-8545
Records and Registration Section Brandi Robinson, Administrative Supervisor 859-622-5055
Coordination Section Lindsay Hughes, Training Section Supervisor 859-622-8300

Criminal Investigation Branch Travis Tennill, Branch Manager 859-622-8425
Leadership Training Section Mike Keyser, Training Section Supervisor 859-622-8392
Special Topics Larry Sennett, Training Section Supervisor 859-622-8543
Investigative Techniques Section Steve Howard, Training Section Supervisor 859-622-7562

Special Operations Branch Jim Simpson, Branch Manager 859-622-3546
Firearms Section Joseph Wallace, Training Section Supervisor 859-622-6485
Patrol Tactics Section 859-622-3742
Physical Training Section Al Dixon, Training Section Supervisor 859-622-7957
Field Operations Branch Robert Ramsey, Branch Manager 859-622-5946
Traffic Operations Section Van Spencer, Training Section Supervisor 859-622-8317
Patrol Procedures Section Mike Roe, Taining Section Supervisor 859-622-8614
Telecommunications Section Monica Pattison, Training Section Supervisor 859-622-2756
Louisville Section Patrick Howard, Training Section Supervisor 502-429-7485





September 22, 2017