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Joseph Boldt, Program Coordinator
Kentucky Law Enforcement Council
Funderburk Building
521 Lancaster Ave, E.K.U.
Richmond, KY 40475-3102
PHONE: (859) 622-5945
FAX: (859) 622-5943

Career Development Informational Guide

CDP Forms

CDP Frequently Asked Questions

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The Career Development Program began in January of 2003 and is administered by the Kentucky Law Enforcement Council. It is a voluntary program that recognizes you as a law enforcement officer or telecommunicator for meeting specific standards within training, education, and experience as you proceed forward in your career. Professional certificates are awarded to law enforcement officers in the career paths of patrol, investigations, traffic, advanced deputy, and management. Telecommunicators can earn a certificate at the Intermediate, Advanced, and CTO levels.

The CDP encourages you to organize your training which results in the study of a focused and comprehensive body of knowledge within a particular career path. It assists you in setting training and educational goals from year to year. To earn a certificate you must take certain core training courses and/or courses that teach you a specific technical, human, or conceptual skill. In addition, you must also meet requirements in full time experience as well as education through a college degree or by accumulating educational training points from annual training or college hours completed.

If you are in management it can aid you in building a comprehensive and organized training plan for your agency, help in the planning and envisioning of future personnel needs and be a factor in the recruitment and retention of professional officers and telecommunicators. It has led to pay increases and is being incorporated into agency promotional processes.

More information about the CDP as well as all program applications are contained on this website. If you need further assistance with CDP you are welcome to call the KLEC office at (859) 622-6218 or email I encourage you to enroll in the Career Development Program and begin the process of distinguishing yourself as a professional law enforcement officer or telecommunicator.

Joseph Boldt
Career Development Program Coordinator

Career Development Program Forms

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Form 1 Commitment Form 2 Intermediate LEN Officer
Form 3 Advanced LEN Officer Form 4 LEN Officer Investigator
Form 5 LEN Traffic Officer Form 6 Advanced Deputy Sheriff
Form 7 LEN Supervisor Form 8 LEN Manager
Form 9 LEN Executive  
Form 11 Intermediate Public Safety Dispatcher Form 12 Advanced Public Safety Dispatcher
Form 13 Public Safety Dispatcher Supervisor Form 14 Public Safety Dispatcher Manager/Directorr
Form 15 LEN Chief Executive Form 16 LEN Training Officer
Form 17 LEN Officer Advanced Investigator Form 18 Crime Scene Processing Officer
Form 19 Communications Training Officer Form 20 Crime Scene Technician
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August 16, 2016