Page 11 - Kentucky Law Enforcement Fall 2012, Volume 11, Number 3.

he Kentucky Department
of Juvenile Justice stands
as the mediator between
law enforcement and
adult corrections, offering youth a
place to turn around, make new choices
and learn to strive for a better life and
livelihood. DJJ and its ground-breaking
programs have churned out numerous
success stories of youth discovering their
true possibilities and a brighter future.
Newly-appointed Commissioner Hasan
Davis rejoices with these successes
because he shares in their past. Growing
up on the streets of Atlanta, Davis
navigated a difficult road before getting
his shot” to break out of the mold and
obtain success. His experiences and
belief in second chances drives him to
create a juvenile justice system that
pushes forward, pushes the envelope
and pursues greatness.
Profiling Department of Juvenile Justice Commissioner
Hasan Davis’ journey to hope
A nationally renowned artist spent two weeks at the Fayette
County Juvenile Detention Center interacting with 10 to 15 kids to
create a mural inside the facility. “It was neat to see what it meant
to the youth to see the finished project. There was one kid in
detention who asked if he could stay one more day to finish up
this piece,” DJJ Public Information Officer Stacy Floden said.
Fall 2012